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Writer, painter, research organizer of the Dresden gallery


Memories of family and friends


Literary translator and writer

Time Machine Project

A series of projects to never forget people who matter so much to us

Thanks to the internet we can keep our memories always accessible and fresh, share with other people and never forget what really matters to us.

Collection of documents, photographs, videos and testimonies form a memory of the person. In digital form these memories remain forever.


These projects contain several ways to keep our memories of past events:


01.  ZWINGER.IT  A complete story about a person’s life reported by family members, with unpublished documents, books, photos and videos.
The story that stays online forever. Accessible to all.


02.  ARONYCH.COM  A project that collects memories exposed by friends about the life of a loved one who is no longer there.
Friends from all over the world can help complete this project by sending photos and stories.
Thanks to this project, memories always remain alive.


03.  ELKOST.IT  The last project is a diary where the person himself tells his life
Day by day, year by year. Travel, meetings, events.
A working diary always active and reachable from all parts of the world.